Tuesday, March 6, 2012

REVIEW: The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle

Publisher's Summary:  In the aftermath of a car accident that killed her family, 16-year-old Laurel must face a new world of painful memories and new relationships.

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My Reading Addiction Review:

This book does an amazing job of showing how different people deal with grief. This book jumps right into the accident and aftermath. There isn't much time for character development of the family members who die, but we are treated to flashbacks throughout the book where we get a feel for them as people.

Laurel is a beautifully developed and strong character. We tag along through her journey of starting her life again.

I really liked David in this book. He has a completely different way of dealing with the loss he has suffered. More of an escape tactic and a what now? I loved watching him through Laurels eyes.

Beautifully written, Castle takes us on an emotional roller coaster that makes us appreciate the people in our lives. Its hard to believe this is a debut. 

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