Sunday, March 11, 2012

REVIEW: Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey

Title: Dragonswood
Author: Janet Lee Carey
Publisher: Dial Books
Published:  January 5, 2012

Publisher Synopsis:
Wilde Island is not at peace. The kingdom mourns the dead Pendragon king and awaits the return of his heir; the uneasy pact between dragons, fairies, and humans is strained; and the regent is funding a bloodthirsty witch hunt. Tess, daughter of a blacksmith, has visions of the future, but she still doesn't expect to be accused of witchcraft.

My Rating:

My Review:
This is a Historical/Period Young Adult Novel. 
Dive into a magical world of Dragons and Fae. Prophecy states a half-fae girl will marry one of the Pendragon princes and create the first ever dragon, human, fae combination.  Prince Arden and heir to the throne is out on crusade and so rule falls not to his younger brother but to Lord Sackmoore who's rule has left the kingdom under great distress. One of the major issues is his niece Lady Adela searches the kingdom's villages for so called witches.

We are introduced to Tess who ends up being falsely accused of being a witch and sentenced to be burned at the stake. She manages to escape and finds refuge with a Huntsman named Garth.

As Tess grows into herself she becomes a strong heroine who is not going to let anyone take advantage of her any longer. She takes it upon herself to not only help herself, but her friends as well. She even goes so far as to risking her life to save them several times. 

Janet Lee Carey weaves a tail of mystery, fantasy, action, and self discovery


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Espana said...

Dragonswood is a medieval fantasy that will captivate you from start to finish. With fascinating characters, an awesome ancient prophecy and a love story that will leave you completely satisfied, its not one you want to miss out on in 2012.

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