Tuesday, April 17, 2012

REVIEW: A Home By The Sea by Christina Skye

Title: A Home By The Sea (Summer Island #1)
Author: Christina Skye
Date Published: 10/18/11
Publisher: HQN

Sometimes appearances aren't what they seem...

Grace Lindstrom has followed her fiance across three continents, starry-eyed and full of dreams. But when he dies in a plane crash, Grace discovers that their life together was the cruelest kind of lie--and swears to never lose herself to that kind of love again. Until one night, when a chance encounter leads her to the kind of man she's always dreamed of--and the deep family ties she's never known.

Noah McKay knows he can't offer Grace any kind of future--not when he spends every day putting his life on the line. But when Grace's grandfather suddenly falls ill and she's called home to the small island town where she grew up, he realizes he can't live without her. Aided by good knitting, good chocolate and deep friendship, Grace is slowly learning to trust again--but can she learn to love a man whose secrets run so deep?

My Rating:

My Review:
Grace is a broken character for many reasons. She lost the man she loved and then found out that he had a secret life she didn't know about and half of her friends knew and didn't tell her. She has major trust issues. 

I love how Grace meets Noah. Of course, to her it seems like a coincidence, but Noah had his eye on her. 

Grace has a hard time giving into Noah. She pushes him away on several occasions and they are thrust back together.

There is chemistry between the two characters but its nothing off the charts.

I think this was a sweet book. If you are a fan of romance and the typical man who is afraid of commitment and woman with trust issues, then you will definitely find this one worth reading.

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