Friday, July 6, 2012

REVIEW: Secrets by Sara Daniell

Title: Secrets (Holly Nather Trilogy #2)
Author: Sara Daniell
Date Published:4/30/12

Have you ever wondered how much of love is about the heart? How much is about hormones? Does love at first sight really exist? Or is it just something Hollywood has concocted, yet another money-making scheme in the film industry? And what about chemistry - can you create it, or does it just happen?

What about destiny? Is this the correct path for my life? I was human - now I have magic. I made decisions without really thinking. I hope, one day, I can say this was the right choice. But right now, I’m not so sure.

I cannot explain why I fell in love with Luke so fast or even know if I am in love. My life has changed in just a matter of days, and I do not understand it. Something inside me tells me to run, that this isn’t right, but then another part tells me to stay. I love Luke. I do. Right? 

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Holly has just experienced a major change in her life. She is now living in a whole other world with a boy that she barely knows. 

Luke's family does not approve of his relationship with Holly and she definitely feels the disapproval. She is left questioning so many things about her relationship with Luke and once she finds out about secrets he has been harboring, she knows she needs a break from him.

Holly meets new friends and learns more about Luke's world in this continuation of the series. With the first book having been so much of a whirlwind, it is definitely great to get more information in this one.  

And be prepared there is a major cliffhanger, that will have you wanting to go out and get the next book ASAP! 

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