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BLOG TOUR: Donna Fletcher

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We will have a Review, Excerpt, and Giveaway! First, let's get to know the Author! 

Author Bio

Donna Fletcher is a USA Today bestselling author of adventurous historical romances. She is also a past President of New Jersey Romance Writers and Novelists, Inc.

Date Published:10/01/91


Gaby Alvardo borrows the powerful ranchero’s horse to rush and help her injured brother.
Raphael Cabrillo doesn’t see it that way to him... she stole his horse. And so she is to be punished for her crime. She will serve a term of six months as companion to his ailing mother. 
Raphael intends to tame the spirited woman who refuses to wear shoes, dances under the moonlight, takes his ill mother on picnics and stirs his passion like no other woman.
But when an attempt is made on Gaby’s life there isn’t anything he won’t do to protect her.
Will Raphael tame the willful woman or love the untamed fire that burns within her?

My Review:
Donna Fletcher takes a turn from the traditional historical romance and brings us a look into the lives of the Historical Hispanic society. Not your typical Duke, Raphael is a Ranchero. Gaby isn't a young girl looking to make her way into society to meet her future husband, she is a peasant who's one desire was simply to rescue her brother.

What a great title for this book as the passion that burned between these two characters was definitely blazing! 

With characters who are compelling and well developed and a romance that strays away from the traditional Historical Romance, Donna Fletcher brings us an amazing story. I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

My Rating

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“No! No!” Juan cried. “He’s taking you away because you stole his horse and he’s going to hang you.”
Gaby hugged the trembling little boy. “No, Juan, that’s not true. Senor Cabrillo isn’t going to hang me.”
“Yes, he is,” Juan insisted. “Pablo says all horse thieves get hanged.”
“I’m not a horse thief.”
Juan pulled himself away from her. “But Senor Cabrillo thinks you are. He’ll take you to the big tree at the end of town and hang you there.”
Gaby’s mother began to cry and her sisters soon followed. The young woman took Juan by the hand, grabbed the black shawl bundled with her few clothes and meager possessions and ordered the others to follow.
Rafael was standing next to Bella speaking with Padre Jose when the Alvardo family with Gaby in the lead, emerged from around the corner of the church,
“Ay de mi,” the padre said, crossing himself.
Rafael smiled. “You appear to cross yourself whenever Gaby is near, Padre. Does she require that much help from above?”
The padre raised his head toward heaven and nodded.
Gaby stopped in front of Rafael. Even though she was just shy of six inches over five feet, she still had to tilt her head back to meet his eyes. She paused a moment, realizing for the first time just how handsome the ranchero was. His complexion was touched with the deep richness of days spent in the sun, and his eyes… Gaby stared. The strange blue color scorched like a hot blue sun.
“Did you want something, Gaby?”
His voice was deep and smooth like a warm caress that lingers and leaves a tingle along the flesh. “Yes,” she said a bit more boldly then she intended.
“What is it?’ he asked with a sternness that brooked no disrespect.
She reined in her spirited nature, held her head high, and added a wide smile. “Do you intend to hang me?”


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