Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: Valley of Fire by Janelle Taylor

Her world is built on Happily Ever Afters. His world is built on a cynical distrust of fairytale romance. Will he prove that she’s just another huckster selling fake dreams? Wealthy businessman Steven Winngate thinks bestselling novelist Kathleen “Brandy” Alexander is researching him for a book. When he finds her in the desert outside Las Vegas, lost and sick from the heat, he wonders if she’s pretending to be a stranded hiker—conning him just to score an introduction.

But Brandy is the real deal—honest, innocent and very distraught by her sudden dependence on the handsome blue-eyed stranger who rescued her. He says his name is Lance Reynolds, but that rings false. Soon she and “Lance” are circling each other amidst the glitter of Vegas, trying to break down the wall of mystery between them. Passionate, intense, romantic and intriguing—this hot battle of the sexes will burn both sides

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: 4/20/12

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Steven Winngate is quite cynical and cautious of everyone around him. As a wealthy businessman, he is used to people using him for his fortune. Brandy's career focuses on Happily Ever Afters as an author who is famous in her own right, she makes a fatal error in judgement that leaves her fighting for her life. Luckily a handsome stranger saves her life, even though he seems 

A case of mistaken "on purpose" identities leads them in a relationship where trust is tested. Witty banter and heated encounters give this story a bit of a spark, but it was a little lacking for my tastes. Both Steven and Brandy have to decide whether there relationship is the real deal and worth risking everything for. 

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