Friday, February 15, 2013

Book Review: Recipe For Satisfaction by Gina Gordon

Contemporary Romance

My Review:
I love cooking and having that as the backdrop for this story was perfect. Jack's love for food really came through and actually the scene with the cooking class was one of my favorites! 

I loved the layers of Jack that were pulled back throughout the story. He had so much more to him then what the public saw and Sterling was able to see through it all. 

Poor Sterling. She really has not had an easy life. The responsibility she has had her entire life is insane. The things her family puts her through is heartbreaking.

The romance unfolded effortlessly and while yes, there was an instant attraction, the fall seemed to take a while longer which I appreciated. 

The secondary characters were also very well developed and I am so looking forward to seeing what happens with the rest of the Madewood Brothers! 

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