Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Tour: Dreamer by Patrick O'Scheen

Date Published: 5/7/13

Two gamers find solace from the troubles of reality in an alternate world filled with dragons. The book has a dual nature both fantasy and reality, two plots and two stories. The main character must deal with illness and alternately with the life of a great red dragon.

My Review:
This is a very imaginative tale about gamers who us an alternate world as their haven. They find solace in the friendship they build. 

I think the two worlds were done well and the contrasts between them were evident. The fantasy world Patrick O'Scheen created is wildly imaginative and descriptive enough to make us feel as though we are seeing it through their eyes. 


Author Bio
  I don't normally answer questions about my personal history....I'm painfully shy.   Who is Patrick O’Scheen? I ask myself this often. A sailor, a chef, a writer…even I’m uncertain. Patrick O'scheen is a bit of a mystery, even to me. I know that writing is more than an enterprise for me. I’s a calling. Books and stories touch lives like nothing else. I think there is more of me buried in my writing than you will find anywhere else. So who is Patrick O’Scheen…read and find out.

I'm very fond of cats and spaghetti ...not necessarily together.
      If I were to rewrite Dreamer, I see all sorts of things that I would do differently. I find all of the errors that escaped the edits. However, it is still a wonderful tale close to my heart. I hope you enjoy.

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