Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog Tour: Dead Angels by Madelyn Serrato

Horror/Urban Fantasy
Date Published: 3/16/2013

Early morning and a woman lies dead in the street, her end violent and strange. 
A man loses his mother. A detective finds himself caught between, between the city and  the underworld. A wolf wanders aimlessly in search of a killer, in search of an end. All  three are haunted by ghosts of half-remembered moments; all three, trapped in a city,  this city that holds its secrets loose and its citizens tight. This city of dogs. This city of  demons. Calderwood.

My Review
Dark and edgy, Madelyn Serrato's novel Dead Angels will have readers captivated by her world. 

The characters are real and very well developed, they make it easy for you as the reader to be drawn into. There are a lot of moving parts, but Serrato does a great job of keeping readers up to date on the characters and the plot. I never felt confused and that is a great testament when you are introducing readers to a new world for the first time. 

Madelyn Serrato was born in California and attended college in Washington, where she received a BA in Psychology.  

She currently resides in Arizona and will start medical school by the end of the summer. When not writing, she  enjoys boxing, reading, and watching terrible movies with friends. Wolves of Calderwood has been a labor of love  for many years and is her first published novel. Join her mailing list at

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