Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Tour: Change My Mind by Elley Arden

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 9/9/2013

Nothing is going to stop Nel Parker from raising her fledgling real estate agency to the top of the heap. When she returns two dogs to a million-dollar mansion with a dumpster in the driveway, she thinks the house is her lucky break. But the owner turns out to be a moody professional baseball player with a complicated agenda of his own, leaving Nel to fear her plans for real estate domination are doomed.
Centerfielder Grey Kemmons is spending the off-season renovating the house he inherited fromhis father. It’s a miserable job, but he’s doing it anyway-because somebody has to pay back the money his father stole. When a spitfire of a woman in a surprisingly attractive package shows up wanting to list the house, he agrees to pacify her with a tour, never expecting the mutually beneficial business relationship that ensues.
As weeks go by, business turns to pleasure with Nel and Grey believing the temporary nature of their time together will protect their hearts. Too bad nothing can protect them from or prepare them for love.

My Review:
I think there were so many elements to this story and it really made it so multi-dimensional. There was sweet romance, hearbreak and drama, and even a few surprises. 

I love the way that Elley Arden writes, the plot was so well thought out. No plot wholes along the way, I felt like everything was tied up in a neat bow at the end.

If you like emotional yet sweet romances, this is definitely for you.


Elley Arden is a born and bred Pennsylvanian who has lived as far west as Utah and as far north as Wisconsin. She drinks wine like it’s water (a slight exaggeration), prefers a night at the ballpark to a night on the town, and believes almond English toffee is the key to happiness.
Elley writes provocative, emotional contemporary romances for Crimson Romance.

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