Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Forecast by Elise Stephens

Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Date Published: 7/9/2013

 Calvin isn’t a teenager, not really; instead, he’s spent his life trying to protect his mother and sister from his alcoholic father. Calvin keeps a knife close and sleeps with one eye open, even years after his father has left the family. A summer vacation spent at their late grandfather’s estate promises him and his sister the chance to leave their problems behind.

Instead of blissful freedom, they find the old house harbors secrets at every turn, like a mysterious stone door in the forest with rumored powers to give its entrants the gift of future-seeing. When Calvin faces the return of his seemingly-reformed father, he throws himself through the door to receive the gift of foresight. But the door offers more doubt than certainty, and the future he sees is riddled with disturbing confusion. With a revenge-obsessed lawyer hunting him down and a secret society out to control him, Calvin must figure out how to stop what he’s started before he loses what he holds most dear.

As he battles the legacies of his past and the shadows of his future, Calvin must accept help from unlikely sources, give trust he never thought possible, and learn that the greatest challenges lie not in the things to come, but in the present moment.

My Review:

This is seriously one of my favorite YA Fantasy books this year and I wasn't expecting it. It has one of those covers that I like, but that doesn't draw me in as much as other YA Fantasy/Paranormals Out there, but I'm glad I got the chance to read it. I think that everything in this novel comes together to create a masterpiece. I was blown away by how much I truly enjoyed it. 

The characters are so very compelling and readers will be loving them and rooting for them from the get go. Everything from their flaws, to their relationships with each other, it was all so perfectly nailed. 

I'm at a loss for words, be ready to be on the edge of your seat, filled with excitement, you wont want to miss this YA Fantasy Read! 


Elise Stephens received the Eugene Van Buren Prize for Fiction from the University of Washington in 2007. Forecast is her second novel. Her first novel Moonlight and Oranges was a quarter-finalist for the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Her short fiction has appeared in the Unusual Stories anthology, as well as in multiple journals. She lives in Seattle with her husband where they both enjoy swing dancing, eating tiramisu, and taking in local live theater
Twitter:    @elisestephens

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