Friday, November 6, 2015

Blog tour: Reckless by @trejo_erin #review #giveaway

Adult Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 10/26/2015

One woman. Two hot rock stars. The ultimate story of sex, drugs and lies.
Sammy has lived on the road since she was a little girl. Never close to her mother, she made her life with her father. When Sammy runs into her old flame, Alan, life gets even wilder for her. Alan was everything she tried to forget about her past, but he pulls her back in.
On a job which happens to be for Alan’s band, Sammy meets Jasper. Jasper is everything she’s always wanted in a man. Unfortunately for Sammy, Jasper is in Alan’s band, Reckless.
Sammy’s life turns into a whirlwind of events when death, drugs, sex and lies take her on a roller coaster ride. Who is Sammy’s ultimate rocker love? Will the drama of her roadie life take away any chance she has to be truly happy?

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This story was equally sexy and thought provoking. I wonder what I would do in Sammy's situation. 

I love the way that Erin Trejo writes, the plot was so well thought out. No plot wholes along the way, I felt like everything was tied up in a neat bow at the end.

Lots of Drama and Romance ... its definitely delves into the dark world of rock bands.

Erin is a stay at home mother of 4. She enjoys reading all sorts of books but bad boys are her favorite. Erin spends most of her free time indie writing or being with her kids.

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Twitter: trejo_erin

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