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Blog Tour: Hero High: Figure in the Flames by @authorminachara #yafantasy #review #giveaway

YA Fantasy
Date Published: October 2016
Publisher: Byzantion Books

Hero TV is a world of fortune, fame and designer dresses open only to those with superpowers.

Friday Fitzsimmons comes to Hero High determined to be part of that world, but as soon as her power is tested, things start to go wrong.

In a world where heroes and villains are not always what they seem, where romance and rescue are frequently scripted, Friday is torn between duty and growing feelings for Dr Dangerous, but when she sees her favorite hero brought down, Friday goes to war, and with the help of her team mates, Aya, David and Ashley she sets out to fight the corruption at the heart of Hero TV and unmask the figure in the flames.


This is a solid fantasy tale about an unusual girl who is more than she appears. I liked Friday. Even though she didn't really know anything about herself, she was strong, and still followed her instincts. 

I could emotionally relate to Friday and her desire to be a part of the world. This isn't a complicated book, but it's cute and well-written for its target audience. 

I was so compelled to find out what would happen next. The anticipation is real.

Gorgeous cover, am I right??!!

Author Bio
Mina Chara likes superheroes, Chinese food and spending time with her dog. She dislikes dark, gritty superhero movies and tales of the dystopian future. Generally optimistic she writes stories that reflect her love of color (especially blue) as well as her sense of humor. Her ambition is to find a job that won’t suck out her soul, help her parents to retire and one day buy her mum a car. So please buy her book. Please!

Contact Information
Twitter: @authorminachara

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