Monday, April 9, 2012

REVIEW: Cursed by H.M. Ward

Title: Cursed (Demon Kissed #2)
Author: H.M. Ward
Date Published: 8-27-11

Ivy's on her way to kick ass and save Collin from the horrors of the Underworld. Along the way she discovers that the truth won't set her free. Deep-seated deception leads Ivy closer to her destiny. But, being queen of the demons is not the destiny she wants. Ivy will have to overcome lust, power, and love if she wants to survive.

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My Review:
So, I will admit I love the ROMANCE aspect of YA books! And in series like this one often times the middle or middle books are kind of an in-between with the main characters often separated for some reason or another and trying to find their way back together.

Cursed fell directly into this category. Ivy is headed to the Underworld to save Collin. 

While the beginning of this novel is a bit slow, especially if you have already read Demon Kissed (quite the detail in the catch-up), the middle is great and fast paced! And then there is the ending which, lets just say, HUGE cliffhanger! 

So while it starts a bit slow and is very low on Romance or connection between Collin and Ivy, there is plenty of Action and this story will definitely leave you wanting to read the next in the series!

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