Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Verity by Claire Farrell

Title: Verity
Author: Claire Farrell
Date Published: 4/24/11

Perdita Rivers has spent her entire sheltered life being told what to do. Lately, she’s felt ready for a change and the universe seems to agree. Her new best friend’s brother is the boy of Perdita’s dreams. Literally. Even though he plays hot and cold, she’s sure there’s more to it, but she’s kind of distracted by the sense she’s being followed, not to mention the rumours of wild animal sightings that seem to mean more to her new crush’s family than they should. Perdy’s on a mission to find the truth, but maybe the truth is the danger she should hide from, after all

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Perdita lives her life at the bottom of the social ladder, but she doesnt really mind because she actually has great company from her best friend and cousin. They all face bullying daily from the resident mean girl Dawn, but they tend to take it in stride. 

Having had strange dreams of a boy with brown eyes that draw her in for some time now, she is shocked to see a new kid at school with those same eyes. Can it be the same guy as her dreams? 

Soon Perdy makes friends with Amelia, the new guys younger sister. She finds herself standing up for herself and others. If only she could figure out what the deal is with Nathan? Sometimes she feels like their relationship goes deeper, but other times its as if they dont even know each other.

This story does not lack in drama, not only does Perdy have to deal with the jealousies of Dawn, but somehow life really gets turned upside down when her own best friend seems to turn against her. 

I was quite frustrated with Nathan for most of this book. I understand his motives, but it didn't seem believable enough for some reason.

I also felt the ending of this book was a little forced. I understand that there was a climax, but I really didn't feel there was any type of resolution. 

Overall it was a nice storyline and the writing was well executed. Characters were all well developed as well. 

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