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Date Published: January 2018

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Sonny Galas is an only child being raised by his mother-a widow---and the loving help of his grandfather, also widowed. Living in a Santa Monica apartment complex owned by 'Grandpa' all is well and average for this close-knit family until a certain French family come into the picture, in need of a place to rent. They soon show their colors in various ways, topping it off by slapping a suit on their patient, kind landlord. Sonny's family sees no better option than selling their only asset-the apartments-and getting far away from their Lawyer-packing tenants. Far, as in 'leaving the country', and this is where their true adventure begins. South of the border becomes their new home. 

From their journey through third-world narrow roads, small towns where no English is spoken, to long, hot unending desert roads and through humid coastal towns they continue toward their big city destination, Guadalajara, where their life begins and they encounter everything and everyone from kind helpers to con-artists and crazies and from strangers to good friends, both Mexican and American. From young boy to teenager, as the years pass, Sonny sees it all: his family's ups and downs, the country's ups and downs with its own political third-world corruption, and his own transformation from a simple boy in a new country to a growing youth, fully fluent in Spanish; a devilish yet fun-loving teenager now with roots firmly planted and sprouting happily in his new home, his new country. From the adventures and joys of boyhood with his friends and pals to the wild days through grade school, junior high and high school with the opportunities given him as a bi-lingual kid to living through the set-backs that could trouble any family-Mexican or American-even scare of the faint of heart, he takes it all in; after all, now he's Mexican. The fiestas, the friends, the awesome busy modern streets of Guadalajara in the early Seventies to the early Eighties, Guadalajara, the country's capital of Mariachis.


1-Message from EL GRINGO for readers?
  A boy, born in the U.S. moves with his family, and finds his true home in a place he never expected. 

2-Challenges in my writing?
  Up to this point, fortunately not many. Once I've got a good idea, there seems to be for me little writer's block. 

3-How many books have I written?
  Two completed novels. Previously, I wrote many short stories, and a collection of poetry I cannot call 'complete' yet. 

4-If I could cast my character with someone from Hollywood, who would it be?
  The actor that always came to my mind, for my main character in EL GRINGO, would definitely be a very young Ricky Schroeder. Physically he resembled the main character as a boy, and had the energetic yet innocent enthusiasm to boot.  It wouldn't work with an Al Pacino or a Robert DeNiro on this one 

5-When did I begin writing?
--discovered my love of writing around 12 years of age, but really did it regularly since i was 33, about 20 years now regularly. 

6-How long did it take to complete my first book?
  EL GRINGO really took me about 10 years, with a few starts and stops. 

7-Do I have a favorite author inspiring me to initially start writing?
  A mix of a few writers but among my favorites there are two-- Henry Miller for his brilliance, and Orhan Pamuk, for is total devotion and discipline in writing up to ten hours per day!

8-Favorite part of the writing process?
  The writing itself! developing characters after I've had the initial ideas of a theme and few characters, plots; then carving them out into something cool.

9-My absolute latest book in 4 words:
  My roommate the drunk! (to be published soon)

10-My latest published novel El Gringo, is based on a boy that transitions from American to Mexican when he's re-located from the U.S.
to Mexico. But my current book I'm about to finish is about two single guys that shared an apartment, and one was an alcoholic. Their friendship was based on their love of writing, but the story becomes explosive due to one roommate's addiction to the bottle. 
And what do I see in the future for my writing? 
I'm a traveler and a Gemini, with interests in more than one thing such as music, cultures, and a fascination with friends also in the arts, and
their circle, so a few very different themes could come from these. 

Edmond Salus

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