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BLOG TOUR: Jennifer Lyon


Title: Forbidden Magic - (Wing Slayer Hunter 4.5)
Author: Jennifer Lyon
Date Published: April 15, 2012

Wing Slayer Hunter, Ram Virtos, must find his soul mirror witch and convince her to mate with him before his Thunderbird tattoo kills him. But while that witch might be able to save Ram’s life, it is the mysterious Ginny Stone who inflames his passion. 

Ginny has been deeply fascinated by Ram for months, but dared not act on it or she’d be torn from her mortal life on earth and thrust into her dreaded destiny as a half-breed angel. But when her beloved brother’s soul is at stake, she must do the one thing she both fears and desires…

Take Ram to her bed.

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So, I am a fan of Jennifer Lyon's books. I've read all 4 of the Wing Slayer novels to date. I love the world she has created and the battle each hero has to go through.

This one was no different. I loved the draw between the two main characters. The desire was undeniable. The time lapse in the book was needed and added more anticipation for their love to unfold.

I always love how the past Wing Slayer characters continue to have parts in the series.

I know this is just a Novella, but I hate that Ram and Ginny's story is left unfinished.

Great Paranormal Romance read! I really love this series and can not wait for more!


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Jennifer Lyon grew up under the shadow of the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim,
California. She attended Walt Disney elementary school and her very first playmate was her
beloved dog, Duke, who was cast in the role of hero in all their adventures.

Clearly Jen was born to daydream. But it took her years to figure out how to turn her imagination
into a career as an author. After marrying and becoming a full time mom to three sons, Jen
launched her career with the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series and other romantic
mysteries under the name Jennifer Apodaca. Later, she took the name Jennifer Lyon, combined
her love of witches, alpha males and sizzling romance into another award winning series, the
Wing Slayer Hunters.

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Andrea said...

After everything I've seen about this series, I need to read it.

Anonymous said...

I have heard this series is similar to the BDB, is that true? I love the BDB!

Momma G said...

Andrea, its a really great series!

Vickieann - In a way, I guess it is a little similar. There is a brotherhood of Wing Slayer Hunters. I like how we get to see whats going on with past main characters like in BDB.

It's most like Rhage's story. Because of his tattoo that came alive. That is what the Wing Slayers have.

They have to fight the need to kill witches, which is hard when most of their mates end up being witches!

books4me said...

Wait...wha?? Ram and Ginny's story is left unfinished? will there be more to it later?! I just love Ram and can't wait to read his story! After reading the first four books, I started following Ms. Lyon on all social networks (ok, that sounds weird...I am so NOT stalking her...LOL)!

Julianne said...

I'm really falling in love with this series, it's becoming a must read for me. I want to know more.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

donnas said...

Sounds great. Thanks for the chance!!

Denise Z said...

I do have to admit that I do not like it when a story is unfinished, but I would like to start at the beginning with the hope that there is always more to come :) Thank you for sharing your review and for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

bn100 said...

Very nice review. The book sounds very good.

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