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BLOG TOUR: Kari Peterson

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Later we will have a Review/Excerpt/Giveaway. But First, Let's get to know the Author! 


Kari Peterson was born in November of 1979.  She graduated from Columbia Basin College with a degree in Computer Science, then transferred to WSU where her next degree awaits her.  She currently lives in Washington State with her husband, three sons, one male cat, one male guinea pig, and two fish... whom she is certain are male as well.

Title: Cromwell Deep
Author: Kari Peterson
Date Published: 4/19/12

Kaitlynn O’Conner was the elusive woman of many a man’s dreams.  Lucky for forensics guy Nate Morby, he was the man of her dreams too.  When he arrives at her house and finds evidence that she’s been kidnapped, he believes there is a connection to a case he is currently working on.  The most gruesome case he’s had to deal with in years.  Time is of the essence as Kaitlynn fights for her life, and Nate fights to find her.

My Rating:

My Review:
Kaitlynn is a very lovable character. She is sassy and modest and strong in a dire situation. There were times where I felt Nate was a little bit to much on the girly side, if that makes sense. I don't mind a guy being in touch with his emotions, but some of the things he said didn't seem as manly as he was painted to be.

Their relationship blossomed quite quickly over the first 30% of the book. I definitely felt myself routing for them as a couple. They were so similar and had been through similar hardships in their lives. As a reader, you just want them to have their HEA.

Since it is a self-published novel there are some noticeable writing errors. One of which was the over use of exclamation points. It took me a little while to get used to her writing style and at times I didn't know where one persons POV ended and another one's began.

Overall, I do think that Kari Peterson shows great promise and this was a solid debut. I loved the premise and felt like I was watching an episode of CSI at times. I think she did a wonderful job of integrating the forensics side into this Romantic Suspense!

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Excerpt from the book:

Kaitlynn smiled and took one more look in the mirror to make sure she was as close to perfect as she could possibly get, and then grabbed her purse to meet him at the door.  She waited for a knock, but never heard one so she opened the door herself. She was a bit confused when she didn’t see anyone on the porch. 

“Hello?” she asked with a chuckle.  “Nate?  Georgia?”  Still nothing.  She looked over at Georgia’s car, but she wasn’t anywhere near it.  Kaitlynn walked out to the edge of her porch, searching for her company.  

Suddenly two arms grabbed her from behind with offensive force. Nate would never grab her like this.  Whoever it was overpowered her and held something over her mouth.  Instinctively, she flailed against her attacker.  She kicked violently and tried to scream with everything she had. Two breaths later… everything went dark.


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