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Review: The Ylem by Tatiana Vila

Title: The Ylem
Author: Tatiana Vila
Date Published: 4/23/11

An ancient book, a seventeen-year-old girl and an exotic boy from a supernatural world hold the key to freedom for a long-oppressed race, but that freedom could come at the cost of the human world. 

Seventeen-year-old Kalista is suffering from a broken heart, so when her playwright father proposes they move their lives from New York to New Mexico because he is in need of inspiration Kalista is 100% on-board with him. New Mexico proves to be the perfect balm for her wounds and she is just starting to feel some of her old spunk when Tristan Winfield comes into her life and pulls all of her barriers down. Kalista is captivated by Tristan's unusual silver eyes and feels an inexplicable connection to him, which begins to manifest itself in her dreams with bizarre images of a waterfall and an orb.

While searching for an explanation for her troubling dreams, Kalista discovers an ancient book which holds the secrets of a supernatural race of creatures. But when Killings hit town, she realizes her finding has come at a high price. She's in the middle of a power struggle now, and a secret seems to be wrapped within the pages of that book. A secret she and Tristan are part of..

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*Warning* If you read this book, you will want to read the next one ASAP and it is not out yet. I know the Author is working on getting it out soon, but not having it to pick up right after was so not cool. ; )

Kalista has been the new kid in town after moving from New York to New Mexico. She has a little bit of an issue with Static Electricity and is really afraid of high speeds and driving by herself due to a car accident that took her mothers life. 

Luckily, upon starting school she meets a couple who take her under their wing. Everything is going perfectly, she's even got a football player who wants to date her. Then Tristan moves to town and throws everything off. He is seriously good looking and she is drawn to him. But why do her friends seem so against their relationship and what is with all of the odd comments and secrets?

Overall this was a great YA Paranormal. At times I was confused with the secondary point of view from Caleb. I had no idea who he was and could not find myself invested in him as a character. Note to readers, he will make a little more sense at the end. 

Kalista and Tristan as a couple ran hot and cold. She is *in love* with him from very early on, which tends to frustrate me. But this is just because I wish books would let the romance be drawn out a little more. 

Kalista really only has 2 friends and after all of the secrecy and drama unfolds I feel like the disappear from the story, and I really missed them. 

This is definitely a rollercoaster ride. Ups and Downs and twist and turns. Be prepared to be shocked and be left with an ending that leaves you anticipating the next book!


Angie said...

I'm glad you liked it! I plan on reading this one really soon. :)

Unknown said...

Never heard of this one but it sounds really awesome. great review! I will be adding this to my TBR pile!

Janiera @ Books & Beauty

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