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Blog Tour: Few are Angels by Inger Iversen

Follow Ella through self-discovery, first love, tragedy and sacrifice in this paranormal romance.

After a fatal hit and run accident, Ella Monroe fears that she’s lost more than her beloved
parents. Horrifying visions of a past life and a disturbing voice in her head have psychiatric
professionals convinced that she’s lost her sanity as well. But when Kale--a dark and handsome
stranger with a mysterious past--reveals the true meaning of her visions and the tremendous
power she wields through them, Ella must come to terms with the devastating truths of her own
past, while eluding an ancient Dark Prince who seeks to control not only her future, but all of
mankind’s, by means of abilities that Ella is only beginning to understand.

Enter the shrouded world of an age old battle between an ancient race known as the Immortals
and their bitter enemy Laurent, the so-called Dark Prince, who commands an army of half-
breed vampires known as Chorý. Both sides have been desperately searching for the prophesied
emergence of the Arc, a clairvoyant with unparalleled power to recall the past and a soothsayer
with clear vision into the future.

The Council of Immortals has sworn to protect the Arc, whom they have identified as young
Ella Monroe, a college freshman from Virginia living quietly and unaware of her powers or her
past. But a renegade Chorý has other plans for the protection of a girl he has loved through the
ages. Can Kale convince Ella of who she is, what she is destined to become, and what he once
meant to her? Is he truly the best protector to shield the world from the devastating misuse of
her powers that Laurent is bent on controlling? Or will the forbidden love they share and Kale’s
cursed condition as a retched and hated Chorý be used against them both?

This paranormal romance told from the heroine’s perspective builds in intensity and intrigue to
a finale you won’t see coming. Heart pounding action mixed with heartwarming friendships and
heartbreaking romance will leave you breathless and begging for more.

My Rating:

My Review:
Inger Iversen does a great job of taking the reader on a journey of emotions with this story. The romance was well developed and believable. The characters were strong and multi dimensional. The plot was interesting and unique. 

Definitely something I would recommend! 

“I want to untie you, but I don’t want to regret doing so. Can we agree that everyone
will behave?” I looked at Kale, but all I received was a shrug and another grumble.
Jace’s blue eyes were glued to Kale.

“Ella, when I am untied, I will do whatever I can to take you back to the Council. I won’t
have this creature infect you.” Kale straightened up and moved closer to us.

“Over my dead body.” Jace’s slow, chilling smile revealed his white teeth. Though it was
beautiful, it freaked me out.

“Then it should be easy, Nosferat, seeing as how your heart no longer beats.” Jace
looked at Kale as if he would attack the first chance he got. At this rate, I would never be able
to get Kale and Jace to work together. Maybe Kale was right. We might be better off fending for
ourselves against Laurent.

“You mistake the fact you are still alive for weakness on my part, but I warn you that as
soon she sees you are not a necessary factor for her survival, I will finish what we started years
ago, Vesco,” Kale spat, with such malice that halfway through his words I turned around to face
him, not at all liking what I saw. His face was now plagued by hard lines, and his eyes, though
they were always dark, were darkened with loathing. I hardly recognized him. I didn't want to
believe Kale would truly kill Jace or anyone for that matter.

“Stop, Kale, you wouldn’t,” I whispered. I searched his face for the Kale I knew. I
understood the Council and vampires were enemies, but I couldn't see Kale killing Jace. It was
probably my naivety that pushed the idea that Kale was harmless.
“Yes, he would, Ella,” Jace said, pulling my attention back to his blue eyes. “It’s what he
is—a murderer fashioned only to steal what humans cannot live without and to spread his
disease. He was created by the Dark Prince. No matter how long he tries to deny his nature by
drinking from rats and squirrels, he will always be a threat to you and all others. Even more so
because he can walk in the light.

My plan to unite them to help me went right out the window. My body went cold, and I
sat there wondering why I’d even tried in the first place. Anger started to boil inside me, and I
gave in to it.

“Bullshit!” I yelled. “This is pure and utter bullshit.” I stood so fast that I almost
lost my footing.

Kale reached out to me, catching my arm and righting me quickly. I snatched my arm
from him and ignored his questioning eyes. I turned back to Jace. I looked him directly in his
eyes to get his full attention.

“You both say you want to protect me, and that’s fine. Even though I have no clue
of what’s going on in the full scheme of things, I am willing to let you both protect me, but

understand this. If you two cannot figure out how to get along long enough for us to make a
plan—other than taking me to the Council—I will do this without either of you!” I shouted, as
my anger reached a crescendo. “Also, I want to know everything, not just what you two think I
should know.” I gave Kale a pointed look.

He looked back at me with emotionless eyes. I hated when he blocked his feelings from
me. I gave mine so freely to him. That fueled my anger further, but Jace’s calm voice slowly
brought me down.

“What is it you propose we do?” Jace asked. “I can only assume from your tirade that
he has told you a few things about your past. The fact that you are only upset about that also
tells me he hasn’t told you why the Dark Prince has yet to find you.”

We both looked at Kale waiting for him to speak.

“Your silence, Nosferat, confirms that you have not told her the fire at the Ocean Trace
facility was your doing.”

I looked at Kale, confused. I had told him about my time in a facility, but I hadn’t told
him where it was.

“I told you I was here to protect you, Ella. I just never told you when that protection
started,” Kale explained and reached for me.

I was tempted to take his hand because it wasn’t often that he offered his touch, but I
ignored it. “Wait, are you saying you knew me before that first night we met?”

“Yes, I knew you in your last past life.”

Jace scoffed. “That is not what she meant, vampire.”

I couldn't understand why Kale was dancing around my question.

“Let’s go outside,” Kale said, turning toward the door before I could answer.

“She will freeze out there. I am sure she is already cold, especially seeing how the cold
sadness of lies and betrayals has found her here tonight.”

Though Jace’s clever remark didn't seem to affect Kale, it stung me. The words lies and
betrayals slapped me in the face, waking me from the stupid dream state I had allowed myself
to slip into.

“Ella, I have watched you for as long as the Council has believed you are the next Arc—
before your parents’ death until now,” Kale said sadly, as the trust that we had developed
between us started to fade.

I had been nothing but honest with him. I’d snuck around to see him, which put a strain
on Alex’s faith in me. But I couldn't truly blame Kale. Trusting a stranger with my secrets when

I had promised myself I would never do that again was my fault. With that in mind, I walked
over to Jace and untied his knots.

“Do not make me regret this. I have enough of those; I don’t need any more,” I said,
looking at them both. We needed to make a plan of action, but we couldn't do that until I was
told everything.

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Inger Iversen was born in 1982 to Anne and Kaii Iversen. She lives in Virginia
Beach with her overweight lap cat, Max and her tree hugging boyfriend Joshua.
She spends 90 percent of her time in Barnes and Noble and the other ten
pretending not to want to be in Barnes and Noble.

Twitter @KRIS10INGER


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