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Blog Tour: Keepers of the Zodiac by Sharon Wood

Young Adult Fantasy
Date Published: 9/24/12

The stars have shifted and the Earth is rapidly moving into the throes of chaos.
Four god-like beings known as the Zodiac High Council, send their winged herald, Syrie, out
with twelve sealed envelopes. His mission? To bring a chosen group of thirteen future Zodiac
Keepers, including a set of mesmerizing twins, to the Isle of Oriba for training. Syrie never
could have imagined that he would fall in love along the way—ultimately forcing him to choose
between betrayal and death. Keepers of the Zodiac is an enthralling tale of obligatory fate,
temporary hope, and impossible love.

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Raquel and Simone stood in front of the mirror in their shared bathroom and admired themselves. Their hair, long, wavy, and chestnut, looked as though the trees had personally kissed them each on the head. Their eyes were an even darker brown, intimidating and powerful looking. Their skin, bronzed from lying out in the Florida sun, had a soft glow to it. And their figures were as though Barbie herself had materialized into human form, not once, but twice. 
They were identical twins. So identical, in fact, that they even held the record for being the “World’s Most Identical Twins.” Of course, the title was not necessarily accurate, since they had only received it at an annual week-long twin convention their parents always sent them to. “Just another excuse for their parents not to have to deal with them,” they had always said. But they had won the title the past ten years in a row, so maybe there was some validity to it after all. Typically, there was some distinguishing factor that would allow people to tell identical twins apart, but for these two, no one could—not even their own parents. 
Although they could have changed their appearances to make themselves look different from each other, like dyed or cut their hair, they liked looking exactly alike. They even used their sameness to their advantage on a daily basis. In school, although both were just as intelligent as the other, they did have different interests and different classes. Raquel loved math and Simone loved English, so whenever there was a test, they would switch places. They would even sit in for each other during lectures; essentially attending the same subject twice in one day on many occasions.  Somehow, the school caught on and actually made them wear different outfits to school. This didn’t stop them, of course, as they carried on their charades by simply swapping outfits in the bathroom stalls before class. 
Their favorite pastime, however, was switching places on dates. Well, actually, it was more like Raquel’s favorite pastime—Simone just went along with it. Raquel, being devious and uninterested in monogamy, liked to make a game of seeing how many dates they could go on and how many guys they could fool. When they turned sixteen, they came to realize the effects that their good looks had on members of the opposite sex, and for the past year, had been using it to their advantage. To avoid any awkwardness, they never went out with any guys from their school. In fact, since they lived in Miami, they had their pick of the hot, young tourists that were constantly flocking there, and Raquel had no shame in chewing them up and spitting them out. 
Simone would normally be the one to start the date off. She was sweet and warm, so the guys were always drawn to her personality. Once the guy started getting comfortable, Simone would excuse herself and switch places with Raquel, who would always be waiting at a nearby café. Raquel would then run in and mess with his mind by acting somewhat snobbish and uninterested, only to switch with Simone shortly after, at which point she would turn on the charm once again. Every single time, the unassuming guy would be so confused, that it would leave him intrigued and wanting more. That was the point that they would switch one last time. Raquel was the perfect closer. She would get the guy so wound up that he was practically ready to propose marriage, and then drop him like a hot potato by saying that she was bored and had to leave. 
Their last date count was ninety-nine, and tonight, they would make it one hundred. Raquel had decided that this guy, unlike all the other meatheads they had gone after, would have to be special, and before they could go on their date, they would have to scout him out. 

Sharon Wood is a married, mother of two boys. She was born and raised in Northern California, and attended college at San Jose State University, where she studied Marketing. A self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, Sharon enjoys collecting Vinylmations and talking about Disney related things to anyone that will listen. Besides writing, she enjoys playing and coaching volleyball, dancing, and reading. Keepers of the Zodiac is her first novel, and she is currently hard at work on the sequel!  

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