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Blog Tour: City of Earthly Desire by Fancis Berger

Historical Fiction / General Fiction
Date Published: 9/26/12

After the communists destroy his dream of becoming a recognized painter, Reinhardt Drixler escapes Hungary and moves to America to further his artistic ambitions and provide a better future for his young family.
Twenty-five years later, his son Béla falls in love with Suzy Kiss, an alluring striptease dancer whose interest inBéla can be summarized in two words: green card.
When Suzy is mysteriously deported, a devastated Béla must make a decision – should he stay in New York and continue with the noble artistic ambitions his father instilled in him, or should he follow his heart to Hungary and explore the enticing and risqué opportunities blossoming in Budapest after the collapse of communism? 

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So I'm not going to lie, I don't typically stray out of my comfort zone with books very often and this book has just proven what a shame that is. 

I found the characters in this story to be very well developed and easy to become enamored with. They draw the reader in and make you that much more invested in the story.Great Historical content as well.

I myself found this a great read as something that was a change of pace. I can only imagine how much those who read this genre on a regular basis would feel.

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Francis Berger was born in New York City in 1971. Recently, he completed a six year stretch as a high school teacher in the Bronx and Queens in New York City. He has published some short stories, most notably in The Toronto Star. The City of Earthly Desire is his first novel. He currently lives near Toronto, Canada with his wife and young son.

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