Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book Review: Russian Dolls by Cristelle Comby

New Adult / Mystery and Detective

Alexandra Neve is a student at University College London whose world suddenly falls apart. When her best friend jumps from the university’s rooftop, she can’t stop herself from asking, ‘Why?’ The police rule her friend’s death a suicide and for them the case is closed — so whom can she turn to for help?

Sometimes the person you need the most is the one you least expect to find, and in this case it’s none other than Ashford Egan, a blind middle-aged history professor, who’s more willing than most to listen to what she has to say. 

Neve and Egan are as different as they come. She’s restless, careless at times, and fearless when the need arises, while he’s almost the complete opposite: a deep thinker with an analytical mind, a highly rational and collected individual.

As they enter the violent world of the Russian mafia, they must overcome their differences and learn to work together. It’s their only chance if they want to survive.

My Review:

First of all, I wish the cover drew readers into the greatness of this world that Cristelle Comby has created. 

Believeable and Relatable characters really help to captivate the reader and get them invested in the happenings of this story. I loved Alexandra Neve from the very start. I loved that she had a personal tie to the mystery and it shows how she gets involved in the world. 

There are some grittier topics such as Human Trafficking, but it is not extremely detailed in a way that would be off-putting. 

I liked that the characters were very much the odd-couple but they definitely worked together.

I think this is a great start to the series! Can't wait to read more! 

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