Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blog Tour: Dead Peasants by Dustin Stevens

Drama- Literary Fiction
Date Published: 2/22/13

Bargain Mart, long a fixture in the Missoula economic structure has fallen on hard times. Things are dire,

and if a financial windfall doesn’t arrive soon, their doors will close.

Across town, a woman grieves her recently deceased husband. Sitting alone at her kitchen table trying

to put her life back in order, a call arrives asking where his quarter million dollar life insurance policy

should be sent. A quarter million dollar life insurance policy she never knew existed.

Answering the phone on the other end of her call for help is Drake Bell, third year law student at the

University of Montana. Joined by his partner Ava, and his loyal friends the Zoo Crew, Drake must

attempt to make sense of the case Alice presents him.

A case that only grows more complex as people continue to pass in Missoula, all with ties to Bargain

Mart, all with large life insurance policies attached to them. Policies known in the corporate world as

Dead Peasants…

My Review:
The Zoo Crew is a group of people who you wouldn't think would be a group of friends who have banded together. They help each other in their times of need. Drake is the head of the family of sorts. What we embark on in this novel is a search for answers in which the questions were never known before the death of a woman's husband. 

I like the fast paced writing style that Dustin Stevens has. It really grips the readers attention and keeps them for the entirety of the book. The characters are wonderful and the way they are loyal to each other is endearing. Drake is a great lead character, he is multi-dimensional and likable. 

The plot was well developed and the mystery/suspense was well executed. I really enjoyed this novel! 


I originally hale from southern Ohio, growing up in the heart of
farm country, and still consider it, along with West Tennessee,
my co-home. Between the two, I have a firm belief that football
is the greatest of all past-times, sweet tea is really the
only acceptable beverage for any occasion, there is not an
event on earth that either gym shorts or boots can't be worn
to, and that Dairy Queen is the best restaurant on the planet.
Further, southern accents are a highly likeable feature on most
everybody, English bulldogs sit atop the critter hierarchy, and
there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Saturday night spent
catfishing at the lake.

Since leaving I've been to college in New England, grad school
in the Rockies, and lived in over a dozen different cities
ranging from DC to Honolulu along the way. Each and every one of
these experiences has shaped who I am at this point and I have
developed enormous affinity for locales and people of every size
and shape.

By day I work as a healthcare attorney in Honolulu, focusing
largely on health policy and implementation. By night I am
usually found barefooting along one of Oahu’s many beaches
before heading inside to write. Dead Peasants is my eighth
novel, and the second in The Zoo Crew series. I am currently
working on the follow-up, along with a handful of independent

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