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Natural Health / Self Development / Kinesiology / Healing / Holistic Health / Wellbeing / Fulfillment

Releasing April 2022

Publisher: Serapis Bey Publishing


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This book takes you on an adventure of personal development through the detective work of Creative Kinesiology.  Muscle testing gives us the powerful tool we need to delve into any problem. It allows the body to show us what is going on physically, emotionally and in our feelings, with the mind and the spiritual self. Using maps of the body, subtle energies and clues to the problem gives the tracker the direction of healing.  Working creatively with the person and their intent for healing gives us all we need for healing and inner work to begin and continue. We look at the way the latest discoveries from the scientific world add new perspectives on the way the body systems work – or don’t.  Plumbing the depths of our being takes us to the reasons for our stress and anxiety – the traumas, large and small that can create problems in any part of us, including the digestive system, the brain and the nervous system. We may have lost our ability to look forward and reach for our visions and dreams. Help is there for us; in the exercises and techniques we can use for ourselves; some are introduced in the book.  Increasing our awareness of the body’s messages can give us the healing impetus to help ourselves and can take us to practitioners, both in the natural health world and in the medical profession.

Discover this gentle and powerful approach to healing and health for yourself as you read the book – a healing journey in itself.



What was your main drive to write this book?

This book is a personal account of the work I have developed and been doing for almost 40 years.   I really wanted to share my love of it all. I came into the work as a client – finding huge benefits from kinesiology, a form of natural healing that uses a muscle testing response to get feedback from the body. I then went on to train to be a professional natural health worker, training in the different approaches that were brought to the UK in the 1980s and 1990s.  So, the book is my story about the way I developed Creative Kinesiology to become a recognized School and a part of the UK’s Kinesiology Federation.

In the book I attempt to put over both the simplicity and complexity of kinesiology and the unique way that Creative Kinesiology helps people. This was a challenge and ta huge learning curve for me – as I am not a writer of books!  I have written many manuals for students and information sheets – but not a book. In the end I really enjoyed both the challenge and the writing – it was all a steep learning curve!


What do you hope readers will learn by reading this book?

I hope that people reading the book will discover that it is possible to explore their life problems and difficulties and to uncover some of the reasons behind them.  The reasons can originate in the body, emotions, the mind and the spirit, problems can come from the past or in contemplation of the future.  Once discovered, a path of healing can begin as the person works in a creative way with the healing techniques that are indicated as the best ones for them. 

This detective approach is useful for the person seeking help.  It gives explanation and background to any problem. And, importantly, can give pointers on the way forward for healing and restoration of balance. There are many techniques that can help to restore balance in all parts of the self.

Problems come in many shapes and sizes and from many causes. And if someone understands that their problems come from the ancestral line – and can be healed (them as well as the ancestors) can be a huge relief.

I include in the book some simple and effective ways that this approach can be used in daily life, plus some exercises as well as stories from my own life and from work I have done with clients (heavily disguised).


Did you do much research when planning this book?

My research has been my working life – with clients and students and colleagues. I am interested in people and my work is a wonderful way of helping people to find a better life, a balanced life and to reach the goals they are aiming for. This is the backdrop for the book.

Other research I have thoroughly enjoyed is finding out about the latest scientific findings in key areas that can support the work I am doing with people who come for help.  Some key areas are:

·         The three brains that work together in harmony when working well – the head brain, the heart brain and the gut brain.  There has been some wonderful research that shows how the gut microbiome affects us and not just physically.  It also plays a major role in our immunity and mental health.  The heart brain’s function underpins our state of harmony and peace.  We all know about the head brain – and there are ways that we can introduce calm and overcome stress by focusing on the brain in our heads and using some simple techniques.

·         Our ancestral past can affect us in many ways.  Our DNA can be affected by trauma passed down the generations from our ancestors.  It has been a major scientific discovery that we can carry so much that is both good for us and detrimental from our ancestors.  And I love that our DNA is actually a potential waiting to happen when the environment is right – not a fatalistic prescription for life!

·         Our bodies hold on to so much – they remember everything that ever happened to them.  Past shocks, trauma and stress can all be held in some part of the body and affect our health and wellbeing.  Past accidents, medical interventions and stress may all be affecting how well we are.

·         Polyvagal research has contributed a great deal to the work I do. This work demonstrates how the body holds on to past trauma and can affect us in life - particularly in the gut and other organs in the lower part of the body.

·         With the wonderful techniques that can shift energy and restore balance we can together – the person and I – discover the best healing path for the person. I have experienced this for myself and seen it happen for some hundreds of people over the years.


Did you have any main people who helped you in the process of this book or influenced you to write it?

So many people have helped and inspired me, and I feel so thankful to them all. My main source of inspiration has been my students, clients and colleagues.  Those who have really taken to the work and love it are completely inspiring.

My teacher and colleague Haakon Lovell inspired me to take the kinesiology muscle testing approach into the realms of being able to get a body response about anything – the only limits being what the person is ready to look at and what I am able to explore from my knowledge and understanding. His body of work (called the Files – a set of clues for the detective work) is the truly unique part of this approach.  He has been so very supportive and generous – first of all, by allowing me to include the Files within the Creative Kinesiology approach and then to include reference to them in the book.

Natalie Davenport, my dear friend and colleague had complete faith in the kinesiology approach to healing. She was the one who said that no healing is ever complete until it is embodied and that is so true. Creative Kinesiology training includes her body of work – Perceptual BodyTracking in our training courses.

My friend, Penny McFarlane, a kinesiologist and author, was the one who supported me by helping me to plan and flesh out the book.  When my original forays into the world of publishing reached a dead end, she helped me to pursue the self-publishing route.  By then I had written the book and wanted to see it out there in the world.

My editor, Wendy Yorke, supported me and worked the book into a more publishable shape. Parul Agrawal, my publisher, helped me through the highways and byways of self-publishing.

The other source of inspiration to me is the natural world – this wonderful world of water and wind, of earth and fire.  All I have to do is to walk on the cliffs and see the ocean where I live to feel completely inspired to share the wonders of natural healing.  


How long did this book take you to write from initial thought to hitting publish?

This took about four years. I have found that my writing life is not one I have taken to as a full-time occupation!  I have fitted it around my client work and teaching.   And even if I have a full day to write I break it up with walks and gardening, cooking and friends and family.  When I finally found the book in my hands, I could hardly believe it!!


Do you have plans to write more about this topic or new topics?

This has been such a huge effort that I can’t see that happening at the moment.  Though I would love to write more about the dream work I do – bringing our visions and dreams for the future into being.  In this world, as it is, this feels like a topic to be explored, with the potential of offering ways of manifesting something different for ourselves, our circles of family and friends and to our communities. It links in with my interest in the world of dreams and dreaming that was sparked by the shamanic training I undertook for ten years in the 1990s.


But who knows – this may just be a dream!!

  About the Author

Carrie Jost started her working life as a town planner and after having two beautiful daughters she moved on to become a community worker. When this work was coming to an end, she changed direction to work in the field of natural health and wellbeing and has continued ever since. Carrie has been a practitioner and teacher since 1987. She describes herself as a kinesiologist and has also trained as a psychotherapist and shamanic healer, as well as studying many other bodywork and energy work methods. Bringing these different approaches to health and wellbeing together has been her life’s work and vocation for more than thirty years.

She established the UK’s School of Creative Kinesiology in 1990 and was involved in setting up the Kinesiology Federation in the UK in 1991.

Carrie has worked with hundreds of people during the years; has trained many practitioners and teachers; and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Even though she is now an elder, she still sees clients and teaches. She also plays a part in the continuing journey of Creative Kinesiology.

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