Thursday, April 19, 2012

REVIEW: The 9th Dimension by Logan Grey

Title: The 9th Dimension
Author: Logan Grey
Publisher: Icasm Press
Date Published: 12/10/11
Source: Author

In the charming college town of Athens, Georgia Adrian Alexander and her best friend, secret love Nikolas Ivanov, become targets for two powerful supernatural beings. Adrian's biggest challenge in life so far has been the pain of her unrequited love for Nikolas. Little does she know that Nikolas has fallen under the powerful spell of a succubus and cannot help himself. He cannot return Adrian's affection because he is bound by an uncontrollable desire that kills him more each day.While Nikolas fights to stay alive, another supernatural being has plans for Adrian. She becomes entangled in a power struggle between an angry demon lord, and an ancient power that seeks a gateway into the human realm.Adrian's love, life and all of human existence are at stake if she doesn't find a way to stop this from happening. Strange alliances are made, heroes are forged and uncountable horrors are discovered..within The 9th Dimension.

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My Review:
Sometimes you just dont know what to expect when you begin to read a novel. That is where I was with this one. Adrian knows what she wants and that is and has always been Nikolas. Unfortunately, when they finally have their moment, he tells her they should have never taken that step. Adrian is devastated and decides her long friendship with Nikolas must end. This part of flows a little too fast and we don't g et to connect as much with the heartbreak and feelings of both Adrian and Nikolas.

The Paranormal aspect of this book comes out of nowhere. Nikolas has a "friend" who visits him every couple of months and when she gets wind of Nikolas's feelings for Adrian, her jealousy leads to the death of Adrian (Via demonic summoning of a Jinn). Nikolas is devastated having lost the person he only just realized he loved.

Adrian is held captive by the Jinn and not dead as anyone believes. When Nikolas finds this out, he decides to go on a mission to save her, after recruiting some help from unlikely sources.

This was not a bad book, there were parts of the book that seemed a little disjointed, but overall I think it was a great premise and story line.  I wish we would have had more of a connection to the characters and I would have felt more invested in what was going on. 

Action packed, this story is definitely a paranormal thrill ride. 


Lindsay said...

Hey i found your blog off of one of your Goodreads posts ^_^ and woah! Your profile says you've only been on since March! How did you get so many followers so fast? My blog is pretty new so i'd love some tips :)

Momma G said...

Hi Lindsay-

Blog Hops are a great way to gain followers.

Also, Blog Tours have proved to gain followers as well.

Tweeting @Authors when I post reviews, they re-tweet most of the time so that gains exposure.

Finding Follow Me Threads on Book Blogs and GoodReads.

I've just tried a little of everything!

Amy said...

I am definitely going to check this book out! I live about 45 minutes from Athens, Ga so I just have to read it lol
Your blog is beautiful the way it is set up! I would like to do a blog hop and a blog tour but I am still new at it. I guess I am a little nervous too.

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